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IBS-C or Ovarian Cancer?

Hi everyone! My first post..been around for a while but just reading everyone else's posts to try an identify with them. My history in a nutshell..In my 20's I was told I may have IBS but at that stage very little was known about it and the doctor almost made me feel like I was bluffing..but sent me home with a sheet of paper with foods to avoid like tomato peels, nuts etc. Fast forward to last year when I tragically lost my twin brother to a pulmonary embolism and at the same time my mom was weeks away feom dying of rectal cancer. I developed a pain in my lower left side and saw a GP. After an ultrasound scan (revealing nothing abnormal but an impacted bowel), i was sent for a colonoscopy. This only revealed that I have minor diverticulosis and the GI said he thought it was IBC-C. Long story short...he put me on 20mg Psyllium Husk per day, Trepilene 25mg (at night) and Librax (when needed for pain..which is almost every day). When I get my daily usually starts with lower back ache when I rise in the mornings, followed by winds. I have my Psyllium Husk in my porridge and only around 3pm do I hopefully have a bowel movement but some days it will not happen and the pain just stays there. When I stand too long I get a gnawing pain down my left thigh as well as the urge to clutch at my lower left abdomen for pain relief. The librax helps only if I can lie down and relax. What if this is ovarian cancer? I ask because nothing is relieving the pain or constipation? Why did it suddenly start last year? I have all these questions. I guess I need to know if anyone else here has experienced this and landed up with the cancer diagnosis?

  1. Hi! Thank you for sharing your story. You have been though quite a lot and for that I am so sorry. I am not a medical profession nor can I give out medical advice, but what I can do is recommend you seek out a nutritionist that specializes in gut health as well as a doctor who will work with you. I can imagine all these thoughts circulating in your head can be scary and that you want answers! Seeing a doctor will be hopefully able to provide you with some. All of us in this community are here to support you . I wish you the very best and am sending you good vibes. Thank you again for sharing. All the best, Michaela ( Team Member)

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