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IBS + ???

Have had it. Started with C-diff 10-12 years ago and went from that to Collagenous Colitis, which is bacterial. Meds worked well but never had any warning when it would flare...not food related. After several colonoscopies through years, was negative for collagenous, still had problems and diagnosed IBS. Went to dietician and started on Low FODMAP diet last Fall but could never establish a baseline to add more food - symptoms never went away. My husband passed away in January and I just stayed on elimination diet til this Spring and suddenly became very severe. So bad, it was like having an oscopy prep everyday. Had fructose intolerance test and now have severe fructose intolerance. Problems continued with no change in my diet. Have lost 12 pounds and look horrible. Gastro decided to treat as Collagenous Colitis since had a history of it and put me on the medication. I have a history of passing out during prep for oscopy, it drains me so much. I live alone now and don't know how I could handle it. Last oscopy kept passing out at home and they had to give me 2 IVs before the procedure but husband was here to get me there. Am frightened now because I keep losing weight even after starting meds. Am afraid to start adding new foods but need the nutrition. Am exhausted by it all and too hard to face it alone.

  1. Am depressed, anxious and having a really hard time coping. deanc

    1. Sorry to see you're having such a hard time. I hear ya on that oscopy prep. Awful. I take it there's nobody you can press into service for you. You might talk to your doc about your living situation -- maybe you can get at least a nurse or some other medical person to stay with you during prep and go with you to and from the procedure, should you need it again. I know, that's kinda the least of it, since you feel like you're going downhill, at least medically. All the more reason to talk to your doc and ask for support or at least some resources. Maybe even "support groups" that are live, in person. Hey, the docs owe ya some help. Just the thoughts and good wishes from some guy in Portland, OR.

  2. Gutbomber, thank you for reading and responding. It's nice to know someone is listening. Thanks for the suggestions.

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