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Hi all, I have suffered from IBS-D for more than 12 years until recently. I now find that my symptoms are alternatingly between IBS-D and IBS-C. Has anyone else on here had similar.TIA.

  1. Yes definitely. I would go through periods where I would have IBS-D then into IBS-C. I started being diligent with my diet and taking probiotics daily and that's when I finally got things under control and I was having regular BM's. -Elizabeth (team member)

    1. Hi Elizabeth, being completely selfish, sorry, but glad to know that I'm not unique with this. I have tried probiotics in the past but didn't get on with them. Maybe I need to try them again
      Thank you for your prompt, informative reply.

      1. Probiotics are not for everyone (, so please don't feel like you have to take them. If you're interested in trying them again, I would ask your doctor or pharmacist to recommend some for you, as there are so many different ones out there.
        I hope that you'll get these new symptoms under control soon!
        Karina (team member)

    2. Hi Karina, as I stated above I have taken probiotics in the past but had no positive response to them. I guess IBS for me, is baffling. It's the uncertainty of not knowing what you'll get day to day. There is such a variety of food that are triggers for me and the list is getting longer. Generally I stick to safe foods but with Christmas on the horizon maybe I'll speak again to a dietician. As I stated I have suffered with IBS-D for many years but IBS-C is a new symptom for me. Thank you for your input Karina.

      1. Hello! Your experience with probiotics and the confusing nature of managing IBS is something that's all too common around here! The day-to-day uncertainty and an expanding list of trigger foods can be exhausting for sure. Sticking to safe foods is something that many of us go through, but considering Christmas is on the way, revisiting a dietician for guidance seems like a great idea. Always best to check in during such a tumultuous time of year. If you have more questions or need further support, feel free to reach out!! We're all in this together. Wishing you a pleasant and healthy holiday season ahead! ~ Sawyer (team member)

      2. That's actually why I mentioned that probiotics might not be right for you, since they didn't help you before. Sorry if that wasn't clear. I personally stopped taking them as well because I no longer saw a positive effect.
        As for the list of trigger foods getting longer, you're not alone. In this forum, many community members share the same experience: What kinds of foods are you currently able to eat? I imagine that the shift from IBS-D to IBS-C must complicate things even more...
        Are you spending Christmas with you family?
        All the best, Karina (team member)

    3. Yes, I've see-sawed between IBS-C and -D for years. When it's mixed, it is called IBS-M. I too tried probiotics, to no effect. You and I are not alone in that. IBS treatments are hit and miss. Probiotics work great for some people and not at all for others. That is one confounding thing that we discover as we search for an effective treatment. It's nobody's fault. This chronic condition is a real head-scratcher. How are you feeling today?

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