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I cannot not wait for the operation

I cannot wait to go for the stoma operation for my bowel problem but I have another 3.5 weeks to wait till I go to see the surgoen it cannot come quick enough.

Horrible tummy ache bloating trying to loose weight.

What else can I do buscopan not working.

Amazing blazing.

  1. Have you tried a liquid diet to help ease the pain? For me it helps a ton. Try taking a day or two of just liquids. Lots of bone broth, chicken broth. Smoothies. Soups like chicken soup, pumpkin soup, squash soup, potato soup. -Elizabeth (team member)

    1. I went to see the Colorectal Surgoen on Tuesday I am not very happy I have to wait another year before getting my operation not happy at all cannot cope with all the mess and stress of having to clean all the mess up when I don't get to the loo intime is absolutely awfull.
      It's ok for them they don't have the problem like I do.


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