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How to poop every morning

Has anyone got advice on OTC safe every day use laxatives or herbal/natural remedies to be able to poop every morning and feel empty?

  1. There are natural things you could try. I don't often get constipated as I have more IBS-D. But sometimes rarely, I do just for a couple of days. My case is likely to be SO different to yours though!

    I have found that certain foods will always promote a much better bowel movement, with a feeling of having gone enough.

    The foods that will do that for me are: beetroot, carrots, celery, green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, cabbage if you can handle it, Pak Choi (all steamed), and raw watercress, and little gem lettuce (raw)
    Also if my gut ever needs a bit more of a "nudge" I will eat brown rice, quinoa, and baked or boiled potatoes with skins can also be helpful.
    Apples and oranges are also helpful.

    That's if those foods suit you, and it depends on you, how much you can eat of any of them.
    For instance, apples will help me "go" if I need that help, but I know I must peel them first or I will get too much of a good thing!
    It's a question of balance and feeling my way/

    Herbal remedies can include Cascara Sagrada, and Senna, but both of those can be a bit harsh and not without side effects, so go easy. I won't take anything like that. Then there;s Psyllium husk, but again that doesn't suit everyone depending on how sensitive you are to fibre.

    Also some forms of Magnesium, especially taken not long before bed can be helpful. You would have to feel your way to get the dosage right for you.

    A hot coffee in the morning as your first drink can also stimulate a bowel movement.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to post a reply to my question, I will look into the advice you have kindly given. Thanks again

      1. Hi , in addition to the very helpful comment above, you might also try some natural ways to relieve constipation such as 1) Massage:, 2) Magnesium and Vitamin C:, 3) A high-fiber diet:, 4) Prunes and Dates:, 5) or these anti-constipation foods:, 6) Prebiotics and Probiotics: I hope this helps!
        Wishing you all the best, Karina (team member)

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