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How can I consume caffeine?

I have IBS and I am a type 2 diabetic. I no longer drink soda because it upsets my stomach. I've never been a coffee drinker. I turned to Crystal light with caffeine. However I am currently having a bad flare and read that sugar substitutes are not good for IBS, which crystal light contains a sugar substitute. So, my question is...does anyone know what I could do for some caffeine that won't aggrevate my IBS or raise my blood sugar?

  1. Can you handle teas? Green tea contains caffeine and is drunk usually without milk. For sweetener (if you really can't bear it without) have you ever tried Coconut Sugar? I don't know how that would suit you though, if you are diabetic. Perhaps the tiniest amount might be OK in a drink?
    Coconut sugar is all-natural, and absolutely delicious!
    I went through a phase of being too sensitive to caffeine, so I can tell you that green tea does contain a caffeine hit equal to a good coffee!
    I also like Earl Grey tea. I get the loose leaf kind, not the teabags, as loose leaf is made from China tea leaves, which I prefer to Ceylon tea (not as harsh)
    You can also get Lady Grey, and could perhaps experiment with other China teas?
    I have always found that teas suit my gut.

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