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Help for IBS-D

I am curious whether anyone else has an implant
from Medtronic. My Uro/Gyn implants this device mostly for people with bladder leakage. However, I did a test for my fecal leakage and it has improved my symptoms by at least 50%. It has helped me and was curious if anyone else may benefit from one of these. Oddly my Gastro was not the one who suggested that I try one.

  1. That's so interesting, thank you for sharing this with the community! I'm so glad that it has helped you. What does the implant do exactly? Karina (team member)

    1. Since IBS is a functional problem the interstem modulates with a very mild nerve pulse to keep the bowl from just going off when ever. There is an evaluation period to see if it will work for you. Also there is a rep. from interstem who will be present when the implant is installed. Also one of their reps usually is available at either your Dr. office on scheduled or by phone. Basically, I am not even aware of mine

      1. That sounds very promising, it's so great that it doesn't bother you but gives you such relief. Thanks again for sharing about it! Wishing you all the best, Karina (team member)

    2. How interesting and I'm hopeful for you that the implant continues to help.

      I had urinary stress incontinence (peed a little every cough or sneeze or laugh) so I've had a bladder sling implanted that does something similar by making it just that much more intentional to begin urinating. This fecal implant sounds similar in that it stops those little spasms before they turn too much.

      Along with that I also deal with Overactive Bladder (feeling the need to go all the time) and I only mention that because the Urogynecologist called it "the evil twin of IBS" which made me laugh. He said they are often diagnosed together. Thankfully a prescription is doing wonders for that.

      1. Thank you for sharing! I'm glad that you're doing okay now with the bladder sling and prescription. Does it have any effect on your IBS as well, or just the Overactive Bladder? Karina (team member)

    3. that would be nice, but no it only works on the OAB. However, I'm having success with Lomotil, Amitriptyline, and psyllium fiber for my IBS-D so glad to be finding ways to cope with that as well.

      1. That's good to hear, I'm so glad that those help you cope. Thanks again for sharing what helps you. All the best, Karina (team member)

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