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What are some diet changes that have helped you manage IBS?

  1. The low FODMAP diet made a huge difference in reducing and eliminating my symptoms. It did take some time and discipline to remove so many foods from my diet, but as I gradually tested different foods again it helped me figure out which foods I couldn’t tolerate and I did this along side keeping a symptom diary. My trigger foods at the moment includes food like honey, apples, wheat, most dairy, legumes, garlic, onion but also red meat which is not a high FODMAP food, but I only figured this out using the diary. Food triggers are so individual so it’s really important to figure out what works for you. You can find some information about how to use the symptom diary here

    1. I don't eat any milk dairy --not even whey powder,--(30 years of abstinence and all friends are used to it). nor high fat foods (only small portions meat and fish or chicken is best), no caffeine (except weak cup of tea each morning allowing trip to bathroom within 30 minutes of drinking it). I get to work an hour before starting and eat breakfast there so no stomach pain on way to work. I eat gluten free at home but seem fine with wheat and soy once in a while. I have managed irritable bowel and lymphocytic colitis for many years allowing myself to return to nursing. I can have a glass of wine on the weekend and milk free desserts but basically avoid sugar and candy in my weekly routine. No cheating on caffeine or milk though.

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