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Diarrhea for a week

Hello! Need some help. I have IBS-M. Mostly I have constipation but the past week it has been diarrhea only. Painful diarrhea after everything I eat or drink. Being its Easter season and I am the director of a church choir, I am very busy right now. Afraid to eat because I know I’ll end up in the bathroom when I should be directing. Have limited my diet to dry toast and unsweetened applesauce mostly with some white rice and chicken. How long can an ibs attack last?

  1. Hi I'm sorry you are going through this. Especially during such a busy time for you, IBS loves to sneak up during moments of stress. As far as your question goes, IBS flares can last for days or even weeks. I've had long flares before that seem to never end but I've also had short ones that last just a day. It all depends on the individual. Do you find that your change in diet helps with symptoms? -Elizabeth (team member)

    1. I know its Easter today so my response probably wont help. Have you tried Immodium? Immodium definitely helps me for a couple days. Bland or no eating helps too but then its the stomach noises I hear that build up my anxiety. My flare ups used to last days but with Immodium it only lasts 1 day.

      I think once you find a way to control the flare ups you can get a few good days before the next one. (Hopefully longer)

      Hope you got to direct the choir today at Church without any gut issues.

      1. Thanks for your advice. I actually did take the immodium. It did work, thank goodness. Not eating makes you feel really bad and weak. Thanks again for the advice.

        1. I'm so glad it worked! Did everything go well on Easter? How are feeling now? Karina (team member)

      2. I am feeling better now. Since I have mixed IBS, I have trouble the other way now. Probably from taking the immodium. It never ends and is very frustrating. But I am happy to say Easter went really well and I am very thankful for that.

        1. I'm so glad that Easter went well for you! Treating IBS-M is really hard. I don't know if you've seen this article we have about it: I hope this new flare will end soon. Karina (team member)

        2. Glad it was helpful for that day. Yeah, that's a downside to the Immodium. It definitely will reverse course right away. Hopefully you were able to overcome the constipation.

          My GI doctor told me Immodium will stop movement while Dicyclomine or Hyoscyamine will slow things down.

          So I guess Immodium is good when you need quick relief and to stop diarrhea. Metamucil seems to be working good for me firming things up a bit which means I don't need Immodium as I was.

          Hopefully you find a rhythm that works for you.

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