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Does anyone lose their appetite when flaring?

Does anybody lose their appetite when having a flare up? I find I can't face food at this time of cramping.

  1. Oh yes definitely. I lose all appetite and literally have to force myself to eat. When you are cramping hunger goes out the window. I usually would manage by using a heating pad, staying hydrated by drinking electrolytes and having soups and broth. -Elizabeth (team member)

    1. Absolutely. I never eat during a flare, unless I'm over the worst phase and am starting to feel better. For me personally, only eating when I'm actually hungry works best, meaning that I never force myself to eat. But of course, we're all different and this works for me because my flares rarely last longer than a couple of hours.
      How about you, do you try to eat during a flare or just wait until it's over?
      All the best, Karina (team member)

      1. I do try to eat as my flare-up last for a full day sometimes.

        1. Oh yes, in that case I would try to eat, too. Do you have any foods that feel easier to eat than others? For me, it's either white rice and chicken or applesauce, depending on the symptoms I'm having. Karina (team member)

      2. I'm very small lightweight so can't afford to lose weight..I just feel nauseous at the sight of any food when I'm bloated and spasming so it's very difficult, I don't have any food triggers that. I'm aware if but have a longer than. Normal colon which loops to fit into its place so causes all the typical IBS symptoms

        1. Trying not to lose weight while in a flare is so hard, I feel you. 🙁 Have you ever tried working with a registered dietitian to possibly find food options that provide enough calories and nutrition during these periods? Otherwise, maybe you could try eating some high-calorie foods so you don't need to eat as much in quantity? Karina (team member)

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