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Any Advice???

I am a first time writer or poster on here.
I lived with ibs-d for 15 years. This year is my worst year ever!
My primary doctor has abandoned me. I see a new GI doctor next month, but i have low confidence in her helping me. The other past GI also seemed clueless and kept pushing me back to my primary, and she was clueless so she would push me back to the GI. I loved the run around with no results.

I was taking loperamide but if I take more than 3 a day, I also vomit.My doctor said to only take it if I really need it. Now even if I take one pill it causes abdominal pain, like someone is punching me.
I eat about 15 things a day, and they now make me flare. I do not have any safe food anymore. I am even starting to think water is the issue.
I go to the bathroom more than ever, I will not gross you out with details.

Nothing seems to help. I have not had any restaurant or fast food in 3 years, not even a fry. I do no eat dairy,gluten, fruit or vegetables, I do not drink or smoke. I had gallons of blood work, I do not have celiac, I been on the Fodmap diet Nothing is working.

I am open to any suggestions.

  1. I'm so sorry you've had to deal with such rigamaroll. I highly suggest finding a nutritionist that specializes in gut health and working with them. Doctors tend to prescribe "quick fixes" that don't always work, and if they do, they don't help for long. I saw a nutritionist for my acid reflux and they helped immensely. Working with your body and not trying to "fix" it helps long-term and can prepare you better for flares. I hope this helps. We'd love to hear how you're doing and if you have any success! All the best, Michaela ( Team Member)

    1. hello, Thank you for the information. I looked into this last night and found a few places that maybe able to help me. Fingers crossed. I will keep you posted!
      P.s. sorry for the late reply I never got a notification.

    2. That's great! I hope you are able to find success. And yes, keep us updated! We love to hear how people are doing. You got this! Michaela ( Team Member)

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