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Any advice on gas pains?

I’ve had many symptoms over years dealing with IBS. Right now I have gas pains and cramping but only able to move my bowels very little. It can last for hours. It’s disrupting my day. I’ve canceled plans and appointments. I don’t understand why it’s doing this. I usually get cramps then bowels will move and I feel better. Not with this. Help!

  1. Hi, Emily - I'm sorry to hear how much trouble the gas pains have been giving you. While we wait for others to chime in with their experiences, I thought this article may help: Hope you're feeling well today! - Chris, Team

    1. Thanks for the link Chris. I chimed too.

  2. Laying on your stomach, on a couch or a bed, can be helpful. I also take some liquid children's ibuprofen- it has to be liquid, to absorb quickly. A physician recommended it to me nearly 20 years ago and it has helped immeasurably.

    1. I have horrible heartburn, gerd and gas pain. The new alka seltzer heartburn and gas chews help some. Hope your doing better! Oh ACV pills help me a bit too with gas

      1. Dear Emily,

        I have celiac disease and IBS. The latter came first and it was by chance that I was tested for celiac. I have dealt with both for almost 30 years.

        Activated charcoal capsules do help a lot with the misery of excess gas. I use the Nature's Way brand. I have also learned over the years that eating regularly, even if just small amounts can help. IBS for me can flare with or without food. Protein shakes are my go to if eating causes too much pain and gas.

        I hope this helps.

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