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Hi, @charlotteab! Thanks so much for sharing your story. I’m so sorry to hear about the passing of your father. My condolences to you and your family. It’s really tough that you had such a huge flare up on top of it. I can understand your reservation about getting a colonoscopy — a lot of folks here have expressed the same feelings. Do you have…

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I use IBGard. It does help to alleviate mild pain and bloating. I also use a heating pad if the tummy rumbling is too bad. I keep the IBGard on hand all the time. I have GERD, also. So I have to really judge when I use it. I also have just rubbed peppermint oil on my stomach and that helps too.

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I am still 7 lbs of fluid/bloating since Monday. Today, I ate a banana and a cup of bone broth with toast. The weight will not budge even though I do feel the tummy rumbling. Just took more MOM. I keep having chest pains from my hiatal hernia because I am so full of fluid and gas. I think. If it isn’t better by tomorrow, I guess I’ll be off…

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I had a colonoscopy because of suspected diverticulitis but it was negative though found I have a tortuous floppy colon. I see a colorectal biofeedback nurse who has been helpful but it is difficult to get appointments. I was sent to a specialist dietician who put me on a modified low fodmap diet which made me worse. Most laxatives give me…

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Sharing your experience is very helpful for me. I just wanted to say that. I am still in the process of being tested but IBS sounds so much like what I am dealing with. As the tests keep coming back negative I can’t help but think this will ultimately be my diagnosis. Part of me will be relieved because I am really hoping it is not something…