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Hi @frangolf,

I can certainly relate to your experience! Sometimes when I’m traveling or I have an important business meeting to attend, I tend not to eat for a long time as well for the sake of avoiding a flare up. But, I find that for me it is not a healthy thing to do in the long run because I end up getting very hungry and fatigued (on top…

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I am also missing college and also I have interview as my placements are going on,this adds to more anxiety and stress but I have found that you can work on your symptoms well by exercising ,jogging early morning , meditation.Please don’t give up,I hope you are better now and are living the way you wanted to be.

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I know that feeling all too well. For a while, I was living with roommates and there was only one bathroom. They were unaware of my IBS, because I found it embarrassing to talk about it. I have IBS-M (aka: IBS-A). This always seems to happen when I am on the diarrhea side of things. One time, I almost went outside and had my diarrhea attack…