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I have IBS-D and I can totally relate to this article.

The worst times are when I am a guest at sit down dinners. My spouse is amazing when we are guests at sit down dinners and helps me.

For the first few minutes of the meal, usually push food around my plate, cut food up with a knife, yet consume very little, or nothing. He eats half…

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Terrielulu posted an update 1 hour, 41 minutes ago

Awful…every doctor tells me I have long colon and I can’t elimate properly. Everyday is challenge so I’m a total shut in. I’ve had two back fissures which constant pain because of my bowel problems. I’m at my wits end after year of this.

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Week Two of tsp of raw honey first thing on the presumption of H. pylori bacterial infection and I find I am doing SO MUCH BETTER! Now skipping the one Immodium in the am. – no longer necessary. Hope to avoid the H. pylori treatment regime of double antibiotics plus antacid for two weeks until no more H. pylori. I strongly advise sufferers to…

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Exercising at a full, go hard pace will most always give me diarrhea. Slower and steady seems to work better for me.
My problem seems to be, healthier foods are triggers for me. When I am in a flair up carbs are my go to as my belly tolerates them much easier. When you have flair ups at least once a week that can make it very hard to lose…

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I am still experiencing anxiety. The Bentyl helps, but doesn’t completely take it away. I see my GI doctor on Monday the 21st. I will talk to her about the Librex. Bentyl does help enough to make my days not totally miserable. Thank you for your reply. I’m new to this group and I hope I can make some friends here who know how I feel things with IBS.

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I would be very careful about taking dicyclomine (Bentyl) if you are 60 or older. There is some research out there suggesting it is harmful. I was prescribed both dicyclomine and Amitiza. The latter is a newer and very expensive drug. I didn’t get better, I got even sicker to the point where I was unable to get out of bed for 5 weeks. I was in a c…

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“Change your mindset, change your life.” I agree with that. I’ve come along way in managing my symptoms. It’s taken me since being diagnosed in 2004 to now to be in a better place physically, emotionally and mentally. I made almost 100 percent improvement this July. I have to accept that I do still have bad days, not everyday as I used to.…