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Thankyou. I feel that IBS has so very many questions to be asked and answered. For myself I think I would have coped better had there been a test, a diagnosis, and medications… but for so many years the symptoms, tests, causes, treatments have largely been ignored, misdiagnosed, and hard to pin down. It feels like I really dont know if its IBD…

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Hi @somewherenow – thanks for submitting this question! It can definitely be challenging to decipher these symptoms. While stool frequency is taken in to consideration during diagnosis, there are other factors that are also evaluated. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any medical advice (for your safety), so we encourage you to ask your doctor, if…

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Thanks, just read the survey. I think I understand it, but they mention IBS but not participants with IBS D vs IBS C. As I have UTIs with ecoli infection, wondered if the almost constant presence of bowel contents and leakage would be entering the bladder opening. This study gives me a base start so will try and find more info. Much appreciated.