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My IBS/D is so hard to control. I have tearing from childbirth, so my rectal muscles do not work very well. I am sure there are many women that have this issue. Can you share what you do to cope with this issue. It happens many times with a few seconds warning. I don’t think it helps to stay away from certain foods…everything bothers me to…

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts, @dolllady. Glad to hear that you’re finding relief with Immodium and diet management. We’ve heard from a lot of folks here that use similar methods to help control symptoms, however, what works for one may not work for others. Appreciate you being part of the community! – Chris, Team

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I’m amazed that so many people will not use Immodium for their IBS. I’ve been on it for 20 years & it has pretty much given me my life back. not a cure for sure & you have to learn to regulate it to suit your needs, which change from time to time, but overall I could’nt live without it. Along with that of course, is diet management, you have to…

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Deebrenay posted an update 1 day, 13 hours ago

Feeling frustrated I’ve been having spasms and diarrhea almost everyday I’m on bentyl and ibgaurd but it’s not working for me. I’m tired of bieng sick

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Those circumstances can certainly be added to our experience with this chronic illness, @lukylady33. I’m sorry you can relate to my article, but I do hope you feel a sense of less loneliness and more support from our community. Please know we’re all in this fight together and keep up the great fight! Best -Hess, Team

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It was indeed! What a pleasant surprise. Sunny skies, new hairdo, new boots, fabulous B-day cards and several FB B-Day loving wishes. The universe was aligned. Thank you for asking, Chris. Kind of you to do so.

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Yes. Yes. Yes. I developed IBS symptoms after gallbladder removal.
Before surgery, I could eat almost everything until I started having attacks every few months. Gallbladder surgery was performed and then the real fun started. Terrible IBS symptoms. Two years later I am controlling it with diet and medication. I was very interested to see there…

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Happy birthday, @oobadeedee!! I hope the pleasant experience this morning was an indicator of a good day for you. Keep us posted on how it went. – Chris, Team

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I take a daily dose of a very old antidepressant called Desipramine. A study was done years ago that said it helped IBS sufferers. At the time I was critically ill with IBS, and it gave my life back to me. It can be hard to find, a pharmacy may have to order it. It didn’t eliminate the IBS, but it made my IBS go from a 10 to a 3 or 4.