Vital Advice: Never Trust a Fart

Last updated: October 2023

Well, that's how it is for me for the most part. It's kind of funny because I was thinking of writing this out a couple days ago & today on FB, there was the 1yr anniversary of when I was reminded to never trust a fart.

Never trust a fart

As a kid, I used to laugh at those cards for old people that would say something along the lines of "When you're over the hill, never trust a fart". I never thought that at 23yrs old, that would become vital advice.

Flash forward to 33yrs old & I was sitting on my couch watching something with my husband. I felt a lot of gas moving around & the usual strange sounds from my guts. I should have known better but decided that it was just gas so I was ok. Except it wasn't just gas & I quickly bolted off to the toilet, telling my husband what just went wrong in the process. Thankfully I didn't make a mess everywhere, just me & the toilet. As this wasn't the first time I pooped myself a little, I was cracking jokes as I jumped in the shower to get clean.

While there is the occasional time that I do trust a fart to be just a fart, there are many times when I decide to sit on the toilet just to be on the safe side.

This is my story.

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