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How do I cure IBS?

  • By Laga

    I cured myself of this suffering with two things that no doctor knew and I had to look for my life to treat me. After a thousand doctors and a thousand towel rolls, I found these two solutions with which I have been without symptoms for two years:

    1. Lyon’s Mane

    2. Diatomaceous earth

    3. kijimea IBS

    If you try, tell me your progress since I was desperate without any solution.
    May you have happy holidays and a new year full of health!

  • By M1chael75

    Hi Laga

    Any chance that you know where I can that site translated into English?

  • By M1chael75


    Please be aware that CBD made from the cannabis plant is illegal in the UK but if the CBD oil is made from hemp then it is legal.