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Brand New & Neex Guidance

  • By jadkin15

    Hello, I am 32 and was recently told by my Gastro that he thinks I have IBS. I am at a total loss because I told him my symptoms and it’s not really like anything I have read and that is immediately what he thought. I had a CT scan, blood work and all came back normal. However I did take an occult stool test while my really bad symptoms were going on (extremely constipated and bloated) and it came back positive for blood but I can’t see it. I am scheduled for a colonostomy in a little over a month. My question is I have had a sharp pain in my lower left abdomen that I can also feel in my rectum when I’m trying to have a bowel movement or right after one. It can be so sharp and intense that I get nauseous, dizzy and clammy. After about 30 minutes it goes away. This has happened only twice. I also have what it feels like to be a soreness on my lower left side that comes and goes as well as my lower left back. Has anyone else had these symptoms? I’ve mainly just seen symptoms as cramping in the abdomen.

  • By tmholland Moderator

    Welcome @jadkin15,

    I’m sorry to hear of your pain and hope that you can find some support and helpful information here on the site. I have not experienced anything like what you are describing, but chances are, someone here has. Hopefully you can get some feedback on this kind of pain from either a site member or your doctor. Good luck to you. -Todd, Team