IBS and Weight Watchers

Even though my severe IBS-D depletes my body of nutrients I still find myself needing/wanting to loose 10-15 lbs. It isn't a lot but it's enough to make it difficult to do on my own without the support system I enjoy with Weight Watchers.

The WW community is not unlike that of the IBS community. The focus of both is to adapt to a healthier diet to feel better, get more exercise. They both offer the ability to reach out to members for support and information. In both cases, there is the opportunity to tell your story through member forums, share your successes or problems and glean the strength to take your journey one day at a time.

Combining the FODMAP diet with keeping a journal of daily food intake on WW, is making it much easier for me to realize triggers I was unaware of and use WW resources for recipe tips. As we all experience, especially with IBS-D, episodes can come out of the blue even when we follow our doctor's advice. I am finding, after two weeks of using the FODMAP and WW, my IBS-D events are somewhat less frequent. The bonus is also that I have lost 3 lbs.

We all have very different stories. I hope that sharing mine, in some small way gives you "food" for thought.

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