I am new to this and I Have IBS symptoms for 3 months now

I have all the IBS symptoms for 3 months but I wonder if its IBS or a parasite? I have read about that. Can IBS symptoms actually be a mask for a parasite in your gut? thanks

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  • Chris Hall moderator
    4 months ago

    Hi @Robbers8 – Welcome to the community! This is a great question. There is something called post-infectious IBS. We have a lot of great information about this here: https://irritablebowelsyndrome.net/living/could-food-poisoning-be-the-cause-of-your-ibs/, https://irritablebowelsyndrome.net/living/the-giardia-connection/, and https://irritablebowelsyndrome.net/living/discouraging-journey-diagnosed/. If you haven’t done so already, speaking with your doctor would be a great option to try and narrow down whether or not your symptoms are due to infection. Hope this helps! – Chris, IrritableBowelSyndrome.net Team

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