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Why is it nessary to challenge fructans separately for fruits, vegetables and breads?

If I do not react to the fructan fruit challenge, wouldn’t that mean that I will not react to fructans in vegetables and bread? Or, if I react to fructans in vegetables, will that mean that I must also eliminate fruits and breads with fructans? Since I am testing for the fodmap not the food, I am confused about this challenge.

Community Answers
  • Hannah Noonan moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi Marri, that’s a great question as the fructan challenge can be challenging! Fructans are found in many different foods in different levels and the processing of the food can alter the level, such as the processing of grains for bread. Which means you may be able to tolerate wheat bread but not high fructan fruit. Testing the different food groups can help to figure out tolerance levels to the different food types and hopefully help you enjoy a wider range of foods. It may also be worthwhile checking in with a dietitian or nutritionist who specialises in the FODMAP diet to help you work through the challenges if needed – Hannah ( Team)

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