How Did YOU Do on Thanksgiving?’s Holiday time again, my friends. We love this time of year don’t we? It’s the time for giving and loving and cherishing those that mean the most to us. It is also the time when we get to be reminded, on a regular basis, how different our diet’s and lifestyles are because of that chain we wear called IBS. I suppose I could make some Jacob Marley reference here, but I think that would be going a bit too far...don’t you :). Well, at least the first hurdle is past us; Thanksgiving. Last year, I shared my terrifying story of smoked turkey and yams and unfortunately this year doesn’t look much different. I think this site is very important because it allows us to realize that sometimes we do well with certain difficult ‘IBS’ situations and sometimes we don’t. No shame, we are just human. I like to be as helpful as I can in my articles, by trying to offer my usually positive perspective on our condition, however...I do feel that it can be just as helpful to look at the reality of the situation, or situations, and come to some kind of understanding of the whole experience; for better and for worse. did YOU do on Thanksgiving?

Indulging the feast

Let’s just say, mine was a disaster. I’m fully aware why, but that doesn’t make the days of sickness that followed any better. I was not in the frame of mind to prepare my food for this Holiday. I did not even consider it. Why? I have been having a rough time with relationships, work, money, illness etc. for the last couple of months and you know what? I wanted to enjoy Thanksgiving. I simply chose to ignore what I absolutely knew what would follow. I had the smoked turkey and gravy. I had the green been casserole, cranberry bread, stuffing...and more gravy. I ate two VERY large Caeser salads for God’s sake. I enjoyed every bit of it...until. It’s always the...until, that gets us.

I personally have been struggling with a change in my IBS. Whereas, once I was strictly an IBS-D type, due to some changes in my lifestyle (like quitting smoking and drinking), I now have acquired a new brand; IBS-M (mixed). Without going into the details in this particular article, the Thanksgiving feast took me straight back to the ‘D’ variety. I was sick for days and experienced the extreme malaise that I have talked about experiencing before. I also had to explain to my new girlfriend that I had the stomach flu and that was why I couldn’t move or speak or function for three days. I’m just not ready to tell her yet...don’t judge.

Cause and effect

I went through all this because I wanted to be ‘Normal.’ I wanted to be like everyone else and enjoy myself. But, because I so often deprive myself of the things I want to eat or drink, it all sort of backfired on me. I lost the battle, not the war. I know I will do better at the first Christmas party, because I think I’m starting to get this cause and effect thing. I’m not a stupid man...just impulsive. But I believe self-awareness goes a long way and I plan to employ that tool as we progress through the Holidays. I’ll keep you updated...oh, I forgot to wish you all Happy Holidays :)

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