What A Good Day Looks Like For An IBS Sufferer

IBS sufferers have to deal with pain on a daily basis, so it’s almost natural for us to be negative and complain. Can you imagine feeling extreme discomfort in certain places of your body, and having no control over when or how long that feeling will remain? It can be pretty depressing and discouraging. However, we are lucky enough to have some good days in between the bad ones, and man, they sure are always something to look forward to. In this article, I actually want to discuss what a good day is like for an IBS sufferer (i.e. myself) because we all know what a bad day looks like.

On a good morning

I get to wake up with a big SMILE. Why? Because for once I didn’t get woken up by an urgency to run to the toilet, or by a need to vomit, or even by a discomforting feeling in my belly. I actually get to start my day pain-free and as happy as a pig in mud. No seriously, I get to feel a sense of liberty; a sense of detachment from IBS for at least a moment, and it feels great. Also, on a good morning, I wake up with energy and anxiety-free, which makes it easier to be productive and get things done early in the day. It just feels like how it should always be, and better believe I will always take advantage of those instants.

On a good day

I get to wear jeans! That means no bloating, no discomfort, no pain, no distension, and that is an AWESOME feeling! Just about every day, my “uniform” consists of loose clothing for the reasons I just explained, but how confident can one feel in those types of attire? I know confidence is just a state of mind, but the body likes to feel what it feels, you know what I mean? No? Ok, well, I mean sometimes we all just like to look the way we feel, and baggy clothing doesn’t always help portray that. A nice fitted outfit, or even a button-up will always have me feeling proud and poised.

On a good evening

I get to actually go out for a social gathering! Do you know how often I’m always cooped up in my home just doing the same old routine? QUITE OFTEN, my friend. So on a good evening, and by “good”, of course I mean pain-free and stress-free, I’ll definitely make plans to either take my wife out on a date or hang out with my old buddies. An important thing I should also mention is that on a good evening, I get to eat or even drink something without fear of a flare-up. There’s not many of these occasions, however, when it happens, taking advantage is “major key”. You don’t always know if something will trigger your symptoms or not, but if the day is going well so far, heck, why not take a risk and live a little? You might end up just as lucky as you were in the beginning of your day, or not, who knows? My point is, when you are not experiencing a flare up or discomfort, try to be as present in that moment as possible!

On a good night

I get to sleep like a baby! How awesome would it be to go to bed without a discomforting feeling in your belly, or even without any anxiety? The discomfort could be caused by intense gas, bloating, constipation, you name it, and to not have to deal with either of those while going to bed is like being given an opportunity to sleep on a nice cottony cloud with no worries and great comfortability. Overall, a good day is waking up feeling extra healthy and being able to do things that you enjoy and not worry about suffering consequences. I personally don’t have many days like this, but at least it gives me something to look forward to.

What does a good day with IBS look like for you?

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