Dear IBS – You Suck! (Vol. 2)

Dear IBS,

You suck!

Just last week you were being good to me. What happened? I mean, I was able to drink coffee, cups of coffee at that, and you barely reacted. Yes, cups of coffee. That is a big deal, IBS, you know that. And because I wasn’t afraid of having to use the restroom so much, my anxiety was the lowest it’s ever been in a long time. That’s a pretty big deal also. I even exercised three times last week. I was on a roll thanks to your lack of presence. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that because I had the ability to do more than usual, my wife and I had more intimate moments just by spending more time together OUTSIDE of the house. Now that is definitely a HUGE DEAL too!

When the IBS bully comes back

But now? Now you’re right back to tormenting me by sending me to the bathroom 7-9 times a day, making it hard to stay productive during work, and my anxiety is right up there by Pluto again. I can’t even think about having more than one sip of coffee at a time, or else I’ll be running nonstop to the porcelain throne. Also, exercising as much as I want is hard to even fathom because the pain overpowers my will most of the time. Granted, I’m used to this. I’ve lived with you for years now so I know this tease of a cycle you like to put me through. The cycle of when you’re being naughty to being nice, then right back to being naughty again. Yea, Santa won’t be looking for you this Christmas!

But what causes this cycle? Why the sudden calm and no more hysteria? I know it’s only for a short time period. However, I’m still curious. I used to think that I was probably doing something right, like maybe I was finally on the right diet and drinking the right things, or maybe my exercising once or twice a week was finally paying off. But I know neither of that was the case. I was doing things that would normally trigger you but you would hardly react. I wouldn’t say you were being “nice”, but you definitely wouldn’t get “super-dramatic” as usual. Nevertheless, come the next week, or even the next couple of days, you’re right back to being the tormenter that you are!

As I continue to write, the more of a struggle you make it!

IBS, you suck and I’m done writing to you! Matter of fact, I wish you’d just leave me alone…


Hess P

Now to my fellow IBS sufferers,

Can any of you relate to this IBS cycle? For instance, your IBS is all of a sudden being kind to you for a few days, and you finally get to do things you haven’t done in a while. Then out of nowhere your IBS goes right back to being the mean bully that it is. Do any of you ever go through that with your IBS?  If so, what are your thoughts about the cycle?

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