Dear IBS – You Have Been Good Lately (Vol .1)

Dear IBS,

I have noticed that you’ve actually been good to me the past couple of days. I just had a large cup of coffee and surprisingly you didn’t send me running to the bathroom instantly. Also, I’m used to using the toilet 5-7 times before the afternoon, but I’ve only gone 3 times so far today and yesterday I only went 4 times. Why are you being so good to me? What did I do to deserve this? I haven’t been the best on my restrictive diet, I could exercise more, and again, I been drinking a lot of coffee between yesterday and today so what’s going on? You should be going bananas right now.

Taking advantage

Yesterday I went on a hike and I had more stamina than usual because you weren’t around to stop me in my tracks and make it difficult for me with stomach pain. I consider that a big deal because I can hardly last five minutes walking without you kicking me in my gut AND butt. However, this time, every stride was easy and fulfilling because I was not in pain, and therefore I appreciated the blissful moment of normalcy. When I got back home from the hike, I was filled with so much happiness. I couldn’t wait for my wife to get home from work that night so I could take advantage of this newfound energy. Hey now, don’t think naughty. I actually took her out on a date to a nice restaurant and then went to a bar just to grab a couple of drinks afterwards. I took advantage of your lack of presence, IBS, and I thank you for not being around!

You might think it’s harsh for me to say such things to you, but in comparison to what you put me through, I can care less. These cycles you create for me are nothing new. I know in a day or two you’re going to go right back to your old ways of tormenting me on a daily basis, which is such a tease because these are the days I much rather deal with. But I’m not upset. I’m not going to get upset either because like I said this is nothing new. All I know is that every time you decide to take it easy on me, I will take advantage of it to the fullest. Consider these the only times I will show you any gratitude.

Thank you

Thank you for not being a pest the past couple of days (so far). Thank you for allowing me to exercise more. Thank you for allowing me to have a little fun without feeling so much anxiety. Thank you for allowing me to eat and drink things I couldn’t normally eat and drink without you irritating my intestines. And last but not least, thank you once again for a sense of normalcy, even if it’s just for a short time period.

Until next time…

Hess P

Question: Do any of you IBS sufferers ever experience this with your condition? For example, maybe one week your IBS symptoms seem to lessen, the clouds over your head disperse, and you’re feeling almost “normal” again. You somehow have all the energy in the world, but it only lasts for a short time and before you know it your IBS goes crazy again. Please comment and share below. Thanks!

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