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What is one thing you would like others to know about IBS?

As we acknowledge IBS Awareness Month, we want to know what you think others should know about IBS. Join in the discusson!

  1. Urban planners and city councils today must include public washrooms at every public space. We must maintain basic

    1. MDs must undertake a duty to fully investigate IBS symptoms beyond current limited tests and procedures when symptoms persist. No one can ignore exploding diarrhea. MD must offer treatment to mitigate such a condition. Treatment exists and it should be offered.

      1. - These are great points. We hear from many in the community about the lack of IBS awareness in doctors. Thanks for weighing in! - Chris, Team

    2. I not only have IBS, but also Diviticulitis, and Celiac. The hardest thing is having to eliminate food from each category which leaves nothing that I feel is nutritious.😫

      1. - It certainly can be tough to figure out food elimination! Have you taken a look at our recipes section? Hope you're able to find something that works for you. - Chris, Team

    3. IBS is not in your head! I've been living with this since I was a teenager. I was given placebos, tranquilizer, antianxiety meds, and counseling. Nothing helped. Finally found a med used for hot flashes that was used off-lable for IBS sx's. Helped somewhat but the psychological effects are always there. We need more research into cause and cures. The fight is real!

      1. - The fight is definitely real! I'm glad you were able to finally found something to help your symptoms. Hope you have a restful weekend. - Chris, Team

      2. I do so understand. You might find some answers in reading my book 7 Steps to Heal Yourself from IBS available from Amazon. I agree the physiological effects are there but with meditation it is possible to change your thoughts. For me my IBS trigger was defiantly anxiety. Through treating my anxiety I was able to heal myself from IBS using hypnotherapy and the work and meditation of Dr Joe Dispenza. I trust you find this helpful.

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