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I see a lot of articles say that turmeric is life but it gives me severe diarrhea. It was my only alternative to curry and now I’m hopeless.

  1. Appreciate you sharing. It's a great reminder that what may help one is not necessarily for all. Have you found any other warm stew type dishes that you can tolerate? Wishing you relief ahead. Thanks for being part of our community. Best, Kelly, Team Member

    1. Thank you. I season with a brand called Fody Foods. It has helped a bit.

      1. I used to like curry sometimes when I was "normal". But now I cannot have it, and haven't tried Turmeric. I even thought of trying it because someone I know said it caused her slight constipation! Just what I need -thought I.
        But I never got round to it. Instinct just said no.
        The only seasonings I have used for at least 18 months have been sea salt and a little black pepper, neither of which aggravate any symptoms, and do flavour my food nicely.
        The only spices that suit me are ginger and cinnamon. But yes, we are all very different.
        Someone I know with IBS-D can eat steak pies, and drink Coca Cola with no ill effects! I couldn't.

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