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Treatment for Post Infectious IBS

I just took the IBS Smart test and I'm positive for the "Anti-CdtB Ab" antibody, but not for the "Anti-Vinculin Ab" antibody.

Does anyone know of a way to lower the "Anti-CdtB Ab" antibody? I read that Rifaximin can lower it, but I can't find much info on that.

Any links to articles or other info will be appreciated!

  1. I highly recommend speaking to a doctor about this. They would be able to help you the most in figuring out what medications you should be taking. But good for you for doing your own research! It's important, especially for IBS, that we advocate for ourselves and are informed about it. Thanks for sharing? Best wishes, Michaela ( Team Member)

    1. Thanks for responding? I'm not sure if you're aware, but most doctors aren't even remotely up to date on the latest on IBS. A lot has come out about it in the last year, most of it thanks to the researchers on Dr. Mark Pimentel's team at Cedars-Sinai. There is even a community 20+ members strong called SIBO SOS that stands for Save OurSelves, because right now there is a huge gap in knowledge about IBS in the medical community. Telling your members to do what their doctor tell them to do is, in all due respect, not the best advice for IBS. Event if done with the best intentions. In many cases we are having to educate our doctors by showing them the latest research.

      In case someone is interested I did find a podcast that talks about PI-IBS, how it works, and how it is treated. It is an interview with Dr. Pimentel, the world's premier SIBO researcher:

      1. Thank you so much for sharing the interview!
        I agree that many doctors don't know much about IBS. I think what Michaela was suggesting is to share this new research as well as your test results with a doctor you trust so that they can look into it more and hopefully give you advice on medications that might help.
        Wishing you all the best, Karina (team member)

    2. Sounds good. Thank you!


      1. wait what is this antibody test? And what does it have to do with IBS? I’ve had IBS-C since I was 13-14 and I’m 29 … so 14 years. In a nut shell it’s been HELL. Also have to get my gallbladder removed which scares me more. If you could explain this maybe I can seek help in this area for my condition

        1. I'm so sorry! I hear you 🙁

          I've had a colonoscopy and many, many different other tests (stool, SIBO, OAT, food sensitivity, celiac). I've had visits with two GI doctors and many functional medicine doctors trying to figure out how to heal my IBS.

          Up to 70% of IBS is SIBO, so be sure to also take a SIBO breath test!

          I had SIBO and cured it, but now I know my post infectious IBS caused my SIBO.

          Good luck! 😀 You aren't alone.

        2. I'm not sure why the info about the IBS Smart test didn't come through in my original message. It wasn't against the terms of service, so I can't imagine it was removed.

          Trying again:


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