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Traveling with IBS

With plenty of time left for summer vacations and traveling, we want to hear from you about traveling with IBS.

What are your tips and tricks? Had a good or bad experience you'd like to share with others? Reply below!

  1. I left home a day ago for my vacation with the kids going to a water park:s I ate almost nothing last two days before leaving home. Put on a incontinent pants for men and drove the RV 8 hours trip with my 3 kids stopped a couple of times to use the toilet but kids like to stop so they can stretch their legs also so they didn’t mind. So my tips is rent borrow or buy an RV so you have the toilet close 😉

    1. - Sounds like a fantastic setup! Hope you and the family had a really nice vacation 😎 - Chris, Team

    2. Hi, - I was wondering if you had any pictures you'd like to share with the community here. If so, you can click/tap the "Upload image" button in the right corner of the text box. Take care! - Chris, Team

  2. Chris H. I have completed three trips this summer - two by car and one by plane. My main strategy was to book rentals (i.e. Airb BnB, VRBO) instead of hotels. When I can, I always travel with food I know is "safe." On the airplane trip I brought safe snacks with me and insisted we get to a grocery store on our way to the rental so I could buy what I needed. I still had some rough times, especially when we ate out (well, I didn't really eat much then, or nothing), but the comfort of having control over the food and its preparation helped a lot. Plus, rentals like that often feel homier and sometimes have multiple toilets, which is ideal. One trip we had to stay in a hotel. I survived, but next time I will bring the travel fridge/cooler for any hotel stay if I can!

    1. Thanks for sharing! So glad to hear that you've enjoyed three trips this summer. Really appreciate you sharing your strategies. Traveling with some "safe" food and finding a local grocery store to buy more is a great plan, especially when you may encounter the unexpected delay. I agree, rentals often feel more like home than a traditional hotel and it's very nice to have a kitchen to store and prep food. Thanks for being part of our community. Best, Kelly, Team member

  3. As recently suggested by my new primary doctor, I’m taking a Imodium pill at bedtime. A couple times before heading out for errands the next day, I’ve had to take 1/2 liquid dosages of liquid Imodium, but new doctor warned me that it might take a few fees before I see a difference. Except for the few emergencies, I have so far that I move my bowels 1, 2 or 3 times in the mornings, but not 10, 15 or 20 times like I use to without taking any Imodium.

    1. I'm glad that this strategy seems to work for you! Thank you for sharing, I hope you're having a symptom-free day today. Karina (team member)

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