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Trapped wind every night for a year is it ibs, please help

Hi, so every night for the past year or so I get uncomfortable trapped wind to the point where it keeps me awake till 2pm on a work night. I just have a normal diet, my doctors just gives me peppermint tablets every time I go to see them but they don’t work. It’s very uncomfortable and I need sleep. Do you think this could be ibs and if so what could I do to cure this. I’ve tried apple cider viniger, peppermint tea, baking soda and a few others but nothing shifts the wind till the morning until I go to the toilet and then I feel fine again till the night, also the trapped wind comes with huge bloating in my stomach, its flatulence not burping, thank you all and hope you can help me

  1. Hi drtivey85. I saw your post and was wandering if you were ever able to resolve your problem of trapped wind. I’m have the same problem. I saw your post after searching for message boards for IBS. Almost every night it’s the same problem. It used to be that I experienced this problem maybe a couple of times a month. Now it’s pretty much every night. In the morning it’s not so bad. I hope you are feeling better now. Thanks.

    1. hi, no still get it every night, some nights are better but still there, a hot water bottle is the only thing that helps a little

    2. I am the same with the trapped wind in agony my back hurts I have panic attacks it’s horrendous I suffer with anxiety also , I hope we can all reach out to each other as I feel I have found some lovely people here and thank you to you all for your support which I do need right now x

  2. I have daily gas pains, bloating and trapped gas as well by afternoon and evening. I have tried pepperment, and walking. Neither of these works very much if at all. I take Linzess for IBS with constipation. The pills help with the constipation, but not with the gas. I guess we just have to put up with it. I haven't tried Mylanta or Beano. I might see if they help.

    1. I am exactly the same x

    2. o am new also and any advice I would be so grateful for

  3. Im trying Senocalm now hope it works

    1. any luck yet?

    2. - Hoping this provides you with some relief! Take care. - Chris, Team

  4. have you tried Phazyme? the plain kind, red soft gel , no peppermint in it, generic is as good as brand name. nothing in it but Simethacone 180mg, no other ingredients.

    this stuff really works!

    1. Sorry yes simethicone is also the ingredients in wind eez and they do nothing for my trapped wind unfortunately

    2. - Thanks for the suggestion! We'd encourage all community members to check in with their doctors before starting any new treatments. Glad to hear you're finding relief! - Chris, Team

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