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Tips for horrible nausea :(?

I’m extremely nausea all the time day and night . I eat and I’m nauseous; I don’t eat and I’ll be nauseous. Seriously don’t know what to do I’ve tried meclizine and zofran ?

  1. Hi, - I'm so sorry to hear about the constant nausea you're experiencing. It's such a terrible feeling! I thought I'd share a similar Q&A that was submitted: Hopefully some suggestions here may work for you! - Chris, Team

    1. Hi , I am also nauseous all the time, and when I bring it up to my dr, he always says, “oh it’s your IBS”. I’ve found some home remedies that seem to help a little, like fresh mint tea and chewing on small pieces of fresh ginger. I always carry Zofran and Pepto Bismol in my purse, but I really try to avoid taking medicine as much as possible, because I experience nausea so often. Another tip: the Gin Gin’s candy has helped me a lot with nausea. It’s sold online on Amazon or in Whole Foods. I hope this helps and you start to feel better soon.

      1. marijuana. Not cbd cause it does mothing for mental anguish. I feel your pain.

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