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What are your tips for finding a good gastroenterologist?

Share your tips with fellow community members! If you haven’t found a good gastroenterologist, what challenges have you faced?

  1. I have worked in healthcare for the past 40 years. My IBS-D began 10 years ago after treatment for an early form of a blood cancer, followed by a celebratory trip to Jamaica after my treatment had been completed. Wound up with a GI infection and chronic IBS-D. It has made life so difficult as most of you know. I have not felt that my condition has been fully understood by any healthcare professional that i have seen. My tests (most recent over 5 years ago) have all been negative which in my opinion causes IBS to be "blown" off by gastroenterologists. Most recently, i decided after 5 years to try with a GI specialist again. What a waste of time. The doctor (a young lady) wouldn't even look me in the eye. Just said that IBS is like a roller coaster ride, you'll have your ups and your downs. REALLY! If only she could walk a day in my (our shoes). I never have a day that i don't have to scrutinize every bite i put in my mouth. I am so angry with the system the health care providers lack of empathy and assistance for persons with IBS-D. Has anyone found a helpful gastroenterologist?

    1. I'm so sorry that you've had such bad experiences with gastroenterologists. It's so frustrating to be dismissed by doctors just because the tests come back normal. That doesn't mean that our symptoms are any less real! I've been told by several doctors that it's all in my head or due to stress, just because I'm a young woman and apparently young women are all too stressed...
      Have you found ways to manage your IBS-D on your own?

      Sending hugs, Karina (team member)

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