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The high cost of prescribed med, Trulance

Recently prescribed this med and have a Medicare drug plan that hardly covers much, including a high deductible. Anyway, once this deductible was met, I am now paying $270.00/month. Even with Social Security for hubby and me, I was not a candidate to receive financial help from the drug manufacturer. Anyone else struggling with this issue, these prices are just outrageous!

  1. Hello, apologies for the delayed reply. Have you since found any additional financial assistance for getting Trulance? I have heard of assistance cards that may be available through your doctor's office. You may consider asking about it to see if you are eligible. Try searching on Trulance's website. Wishing you some relief ahead and some more affordable access to medications your doctor is prescribing. Best, Kelly, Team Member

    1. Hi there. Have you tried Good RX? Sometimes you can save quite a bit using them.

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