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Hi all, has anyone on here had any experience with Symprove please. I am thinking of trying it and have done some research which seems positive. TIA


  1. Thanks for reaching out. I hope others share their personal experiences with you. Probiotics can be very helpful to many. In addition to feedback you receive here and in addition to speaking with your doctor, this article on Foods to Boost Good Gut Bacteria may be helpful: Best, Kelly, Team Member

    1. Hi Kelly. Thank you for your advise. I am still unsure about taking prebiotics and probiotics. At this time I feel I will let things stay as they are. Thank you again.

    2. If you're unsure about taking supplements, maybe you could try incorporating fermented foods (as detailed in the article Kelly linked for you) into your diet instead? I personally find things like sauerkraut quite easy to digest, but of course that's different for everyone. Karina (team member)

  2. Kelly

    1. re pre and postbiotics

      1. Hi Karina, thanks for responding. I am actually going to buy some sauerkraut today and give it a go. I will let you know how I get on.. I shall try a small amount at first and if tolerated will incorporate it into my diet. Thanks again.

        1. Good for you. Sauerkraut is an excellent source of probiotics! Keep us posted. -Elizabeth ( team member)

        2. How did you do with the sauerkraut? I hope you're feeling well today! Karina (team member)

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