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SEVERE colon pain

OMG... Pain so bad I can function... Walking like a 90 year old... My colon feels like it was taken out, scrubbed and put back in..

  1. I'm so, so sorry that your pain is so bad. Did it get any better since you posted this? Have you talked to your doctor about this and done tests to figure out what's causing this severe pain? If not, I'd definitely suggest that... I'll also share out article collection about pain with you, in case you can find some helpful tips in there: Wishing you quick relief, Karina (team member)

    1. Nope. I am worse today.. in so much pain between my chest and my IBS, I can bearly type this message.. Just woke up in most hideous chest and IBS pain.. I am a complete mess.. I want to give up and do myself in. But i have a 16 year old son.. There is not place to go for people like my.. My doctor could not and would not give me vallium.. Vaillim would help.. But her and 6 doctors said not...

      1. The vallium thing really shits me.. My old doctor use to give it to me.. It is the #1 treatment for IBS.

        It's 1.30pm on the day of the message above and the rot has set in.. Too early for bed and thinking I may not sleep at all.. My chest is dire.. F'ing hurts.. And IBS is no walk in the park.

        My sleep plan is now, no hot water bottles, no heat packs. Just lay on the bed with my hands on my belly, listening to 8hr of healing meditation.. Has worked the last 2 night be I am getting worse.. IBS can get F'ed

        1. I'm so, so sorry. That sounds absolutely terrible. Have you tried going to the ER to get the chest pain checked out or at least get something to lessen it a little bit? Maybe they'd give you pain medication there.
          Can you maybe contact your old doctor for another valium prescription? What reason do they give you for not prescribing it anymore?
          Karina (team member)

      2. Doctors here are reluctant to prescribe Valium. But I found one who did... Only 30 x 2mg tablets.

        Friday morning here and I can hardly breathe, move or do any thing. The pain in my chest is off truly terrible and my IBS, i cant feel my colon anymore.. From the bottom of my rigs down, is just a blur of pain.

        Hospital here have told me they will not treat chronic pain.. And truth be told, if there was a pain killer for my my chest, i would have tried it.. Morphine does not stop my chest pain, nor would it stop IBS.. Both are anxiety driven. Vallium would work but i need a bigger dose.

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