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I am starting my first day of high school in a couple days. And I am so nervous about my IBS symptoms. I have meals planned to keep flare- ups a bay but after not going to school for all of COVID I just can’t relax.

  1. I feel you! After staying at home for so long, going anywhere has become stressful for me, let alone going to school! I hope it all goes well and you won't get any flares with the safe meals you've prepared. You're definitely not alone in this. Sending positive thoughts! - Karina ( team member)

    1. I can understand your worries over this. It can. be incredibly nerve-wracking. You've got this though. Try not to worry too much about (easier said than done, I know). You've planned for this and try to trust in that. Best of luck to you! All the best, Michaela ( Team Member)

      1. I think what you are feeling is perfectly normal. It is excellent that you have meals planned so that, that is a worry you don't have to stress about. Deep breaths. You will do great and you are prepared. Let us know how it goes. Big hugs, Elizabeth (team member)

        1. Ajmaryott Sounds just like what my daughter is going through, and it sounds very normal to feel this way. She has had over a year of her own routines with no time constraints and control over all of her food and her bathroom times and places. She is also very worried about returning to the in-person school due to Covid. She has told me about some of her plans to try to manage her GI issues, so maybe this may be helpful for you. First, she said that while she is not looking forward to being back in school, she is working to embrace the "normal schedule" part of it, see it as a benefit; second, she has formulated a plan for how and when she will eat and how she will prepare for the week. Of course there will be hiccups in the plan, but having the plan laid out in detail helps to calm her anxiety about all of it. She has written most of her plans/schedule ideas down in some detail, which also helps to calm her anxiety/stress. Deep breaths, the belly kind, will help your parasympathetic nervous system to turn on and calm you, too, just in case you start to feel panicky. I wish you the best!

          1. Thank you so much for sharing your daughter's tips! I honestly think they're very relevant not only for those going back to school but honestly to any daytime activity that requires leaving the house. When I was working at an office, deep breaths helped a lot whenever I started to feel anxious. Staying calm is so important, especially for those whose anxiety can trigger a flare all on its own...
            Wishing your daughter all the best for the weeks to come! Karina (Team Member)

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