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Promising Treatment!

  1. Ooh this is interesting! Thanks for sharing! Cheers, Michaela ( Team Member)

    1. do you think FMT is a treatment that would be a last resort? Just wondering how hard it would be to convince doctors to consider it (eastern Ontario though). Think you will have to get follow up treatments or is it a one time thing?

    2. for me it was a last resort, I had been seeing a gastroenterologist for over a year and prior to being referred to him had suffered for 6 but after not being able to recover he referred me to the Dr. Thomas Louie. If I’m not mistaken, he is the only doctor in Canada who is doing the study to use FMT to treat IBS and IBS-D. The procedure is not currently covered by healthcare in Alberta. He gave me 3 donors combined in a combination of pills on day one then a transplant day two then the following day with more pills. He said if required, he will top me up at 3 months but based on the success of my procedure, the top up may not even be necessary.

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