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Naturopathic Healing - SIBO Test and Treatment

Have any of you tried seeing a Naturapathy Doctor?

I went for first time today after meeting a dead end with doctors. Done so much blood work, stool tests, and imagine and everything is coming out "normal" meanwhile conditions are getting worse or remaining the same. So I feel like I need more answers or advice. I have IBS-D.

This doctor I saw today made me feel so good giving me hope that there are more things to try and explained how some things, that are typically recommended, don't work. For instance, if there is SIBO (small intestine infection) a Probiotic will make it worse.

I'll be trying "Contrast Hydrotherapy" which is taking a warm shower then the last minute make cold water hit your body then switch back to hot for 3 minutes then cold for 1 minute, back to hot for 3 then cold for the final minute.

I'll also be trying the Castor Oil pack treatment. A roll on effect put on your stomach area at night.

Lycopodium Dissolvable Pellets. Not sure why actually.

SILO breath test

After all this we go to the next steps which is more blood work to check for Toxins and any nutritional deficiencies

  1. I'm glad that your new doctor was able to make you feel hopeful and gave you many new things to try! I haven't personally seen a naturopath yet, but I know that (her experience:, (her experience with SIBO specifically:, (her experience here:, and Dougrmr (their experience: have. I hope they or other community members will reply here soon!
    Please keep us updated!

    Karina (team member)

    1. Quick update on this...

      Been doing the Contrast Hydrotherapy for a week now! I go from 92°F(33C) warm shower to 55°F(13C) for 1 minute then back to 85-90°F then finish with 55°F water for a minute targeting the abdomen area. At first it was a shock for sure. Now I expect it knowing I'm doing something good for myself. I have to admit... something different happening. It's rejuvenating
      , I feel somewhat stronger. Can't say my cramps or bloating went away but so far symptoms feel more tolerable.

      I also been taking the Lycopodium Dissolvable Pellets. 2 twice a day. I think it is helping with the bloating.

      Been using the roll on Castor Oil treatment on belly area. I don't think that's doing much but I Figured out why my tshirts were getting stained. LOL.

      The SILO breath test I did today so wont know results for few days.

      1. Thank you so much for updating us! I'm glad to hear that the Contrast Hydrotherapy makes you feel stronger, that's amazing.
        Have you been able to get the Castor oil stains out?
        I hope the breath test will provide clear answers!
        Karina (team member)

    2. Well............ Results are in for the SIBO test. I produced a score of 51 for Hydrogen. Anything over 20 is considered a Positive test for the presence of SIBO. So looks like I'll be taking Xifaxan and I may have found my "IBS" issues now. Kind of a relief! It's the only test I've done in past 5 yrs that came out positive.

      And it took the naturapathic doctor to order it, Not my primary, GI or any of the other 10 doctors I saw!

      For those who don't know. You're on a strict diet for the SIBO test 24-48hrs prior. The goal is to starve the bacteria for a day in order to produce the best results when doing the test. SIBO bacteria love plant products and sugars. The SIBO test has 7 or 9 tubes you have to breath into at timing intervals.. The 1st 2 is the base, normal. The rest are at 20-30 minute intervals after you drink the liquid they provide.

      My baseline for Hydrogen before the liquid I had to drink was 7. It rose to 36 within 20 minutes and 71 at the 2 hour mark and 74 at the 3hr mark..

      1. Hi . Thanks for sharing with the community about your SIBO experience! Please note that we were able to update the title of your forum per your request! Thank you so much for being a part of our community! Best, Patty, Team Member

      2. Awesome Patty, thank you! We have a great community here helping each other out. It got me through hard times for sure.

    3. So the Naturapath doctor gave me a whole detailed plan on how to effectively treat this SIBO while taking the antibiotic Xifaxan.

      I'll be taking a Pro Biotic (L.Acidophilus)
      Biocidin (supports microbial balance)
      Digestion GB (enzymes)
      NutriSOURCE Fiber Supplement Powder

      Wow that sounds like a lot. I'm starting tomorrow.

      Not only that but, a SUPER STRICT Carb diet all planned out for me for like a month. Basically no veggies for 2 weeks. Not sure i can do that.

      Diet for Days 2-5

      1. It looks like your update that had somehow disappeared has reappeared! That's so interesting about the diet, am I understanding correctly that you're eating lots of meat and fish but only carrots, orange juice and apples for fruits and vegetables? That's basically a list of my safe foods, haha. How about rice, potatoes...?
        Karina (team member)

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