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Why I Saw a Naturopathic Medical Doctor For My IBS

Unfortunately, IBS is typically shrugged off by medical doctors. Why? I have no idea because it is so debilitating and awful. Anyone with IBS knows that the struggle is daily and not have any sort of support from your medical doctor is frustrating. The words: “It’s just IBS” gets old really fast.

Doctors dismissed my IBS

No, it’s not just IBS. IBS is horrific, physically exhausting, and mentally traumatic in many ways. Severe flares are no joke and the exhaustion of being cooped up in the washroom for hours out of the day is something that should be taken more seriously by medical doctors. Anyone with IBS is dying for relief from these symptoms, and dying to be heard and taken seriously by our medical professionals. Do they not understand how much we suffer daily?

Of course, not all medical professionals shrug off our condition, but sadly I’ve found that it seems to be the majority. So in lieu of being let down so many times, I decided to take a different approach and seek out a Naturopathic Medical Doctor. That’s right, I went rogue and began to broaden my scope of treatment for IBS.

I am so thankful that a family friend recommended an NMD to me and said he was an amazing doctor that would help me with my condition. At this point, I was so desperate to feel better that I was completely on board and was open and ready to try a new approach.

Naturopathic medical doctor experience

Well, this approach was a total home run! First of all, our first consultation lasted close to 2 hours. He was so thorough in listening to everything I had to say and then also educated me on IBS and why my body was acting the way it was. Now, I will say as a side note, I was also diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease so he was treating me on both issues. Regardless, I had never felt so heard by a medical professional in my life.

In addition to having a great repour with my new doctor, he was extremely knowledgeable about diet and supplements. He was the first to tell me to immediately eliminate wheat, dairy, and sugar from my diet. And in doing so I instantly saw improvement. He also did what is called muscle testing in which he was able to confirm that I had bacteria overgrowth and yeast overgrowth in my gut, along with many other things. He prescribed me supplements to kill off the critters and in no time I was feeling so much better and the pain was practically gone!

Overall, my experience with this doctor was the best I’ve ever had with a medical professional in dealing with my gut issues. I left that first consultation with an almost certainty that I was going to beat this and get better.  And to this day, he has been the only doctor who has improved my symptoms drastically and has gotten me to the point of almost non-existent symptoms. My case is a bit complicated due to the addition of the Crohn’s diagnosis, and I of course have moments of weakness with my diet. But whenever I crack down and follow his exact protocol, I am amazed by the results.

Amazed by my results

So if you are tired of not seeing improvement for your IBS, I suggest searching for a Naturopathic Medical Doctor in your area. Of course, make sure you do your research and find one that is reputable. But my experience has been successful and I am so thankful I decided to go a bit out of the box and see what an NMD could do for my IBS.

Have you ever seen a Naturopathic Medical Doctor?  If so, what was your experience like?  Share below!

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