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Besides the ever present cramps I also suffer with constant pressure in the rectum. Does anyone else have this symptom?

I have suffered from in a for over 40 years, this bout is the worst! Constant cramps and either going to the bathroom 4,5,6 times a day or constipation for days. The symptom that bothers me the most is the pressure in my rectum, makes me feel like I always have to go. Have had every test plus, all negative.

  1. Thanks so much for submitting this question, . I'm so sorry to hear how long you've been suffering with IBS. While we wait for others to weigh in. I thought I'd share this article about that feeling you mention of always having to go: I hope this helps! - Chris, Team

    1. Thank you Chris for the article. I was starting to think I am the only one with this symptom.My gastroenterologist has done almost every test and could not give me an answer. I even underwent a liver function test and my G.Y.N. not only did an exam and pelvic sono but also a uterine biopsy. Im so glad I found this site, what a life saver!

      1. I also have been having the pressure, pain, and cramping more often. I have called in sick more frequently due to it. I am so upset that I have to call in so frequently. My doctor prescribed a medication that I take under my tongue (sublingual) which doesn't help much. Any suggestions?

        1. I found that using a heating pad helps the cramps. I take Donnatal, although the medication makes me feel very drugged. I have tried taking one only at bedtime, seems to help. Been having "almost" normal bowl movements,and no cramps. Refer to the FODMAP, very helpful in terms of diet. I found that I was also eating the wrong foods.

        2. I also found that taking 2 GAS X tabs also relieves the pressure. LIBRAX is another "old time" prescription medication for IBS but has become very expensive.

      2. Haven’t read the article yet, but when have diarrhea every day I feel it’s no wonder we feel pressure and pain.. after about seven times in a row there are tiny spots of fresh blood on tissue... maybe it’s pressure but my inside area just feels...well.. very sore from overuse and burning from acid ... is this the same thing?

        1. Hi Doris, I feel your pain. Im so sorry. Have you tried Imodium? Or Kaopectate? For the diarrhea. Please be careful with your diet. Also, ask your Doctor if you are able to take prilosec or zantac for the burning indigestion. I had to give up dairy and almost all vegetables before I started to feel better. GOOD LUCK--- your not alone.

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