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Hi everyone!
Has anyone tried Pregabalin? I was diagnosed with IBS (C) 3 months back. The pain I suffer from isn't a normal cramping or stomachache kind of pain. It's a weird feeling, feels more like a muscular pull in my abdomen. I can feel the pain all over my abdomen and it's there 24x7. My Gastroenterologist has prescribed Pregablin 75mg to me. Just want to know did it work for anyone?

  1. Hmm what an odd sort of pain! I have not personally used Pregablin but I'm sure other people here have. How have you felt on it so far? ~Michaela ( Team Member)

    1. Indeed it's an odd pain. I had Pregabalin twice till now and every time I felt extremely dizzy, felt as if I have no control over my body. It took me one whole day to recover from that and my pain was still there so it didn't do anything for that pain.
      Thank you for your response. Hope you are keeping well.

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