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Pouring my heart out


I want to pour my heart out. Just for the sake of what happend today was overwhelming. Maybe some of you will recognise your own experience in the story.

I'm a ibs-c type but mosy of the time I'm quiet lucky tbh because most of the time my symptoms are just bloating and constipation.
So because of constipation I started to take macrogel a few days ago. I think I upped the dosage to fast or maybe it's just not suitable for my gut at all..
You probably can guess what happend. The opposite of constipation...
Again luck because it was not much and I could find the toilet on time. No drama yet. But then what happend is I got cramps and pain in the gut. It felt likt there was a big rock inside of me that was too big and that that the rock had sharp edges... every time I moved the wrong way it felt like the sharp edges pushed painfully against the gutwalls. It was super painful. So painful I needed to stop the lessons I was following at school. I felt so embarrassed but also very sad. I liked the lesson I was following at that moment and did not want to leave ..I actually stayed for over an hour with the pain because I refused to leave...but I just could no longer stand to be in pain in a classroom full of people and without a hot water bottle...If I would have stayed I would have been in pain for 3 hours and no water concentration was so low I just had to leave. This with mush shame.

When I was traveling home I could pass some gass and I felt not in much pain anymore... I just felt the constipation rock fullness but without the hard edge...

This was so overwhelming to experience...

The pain
The embarrassment
The shame
The sadness

Sorry if some of you expierence this kind of pain and discomfort daily. I do not, i only do sometimes but still it impactect the way I feel about this ibs-c... I feel hopeless and scared that it has gotten worse somehow. I'm scared how it controls my life. I worry that what if I will get more regularly painful moments...

How do you cope with these feelings?
What is your story?


  1. Hi and welcome to our community. I'm so sorry that this happened to you. It's so frustrating when IBS gets in the way of life and I also tend to feel overwhelmed and anxious whenever it happens.
    Please do not beat yourself up over having to leave the class early. This happens to everyone, whether it's because of IBS, a headache, period cramps, being ill... I didn't have IBS when I was in school, and I still had days where I left early because I wasn't well.
    As I struggle a lot with anxiety, I completely understand how an experience like this can make you panic about the future. If it were me, I would simply try to plan what you could do next time if something like this happens. Would it help you to bring a thermos with herbal tea in it? Is there a way you could follow the class online? Can one of your friends bring you the notes?
    Another thing I do is avoid eating any trigger foods whenever I have to be somewhere, which helps minimize the risk of a flare. And I always take medication with me, just in case.
    Again in my personal experience, the anxiety about getting a flare is often the very thing that will trigger a flare, which is very hard. I've had some success with hypnotherapy ( to deal with that, although I know it's not for everyone.
    Please know that you're not alone and that I'm sure most of us can emphasize with how you're feeling.
    Sending hugs, Karina

    1. I am so sorry,, yes Ive had this type of pain for years and years, I was IBS-C for many years, now I am IBS-D,, . I had many many episodes of the pain you described for decades, that ended me up in the E.R. with no answers or help of course becuase they ran all their tests which all came back negative,, so I just ended up suffering through,, releasing gas helped tremendously,, , now I have to be very careful releasing gas so as not to have an accident in my pants.... I do everything I can not to become constipated now for fear of that kind of pain again... Also have ulcerative colitis now as well... I hope you have found things to give you some relief,,

      1. Sorry you went through this. Have you taken the macrogel since? I would definitely haul taking it and let your doctor know what happened. I know what it's like to feel shame due to IBS. You aren't alone in going through this. I have had to leave so many events due to pain or feeling of urgency. It isn't fun but I try not to dwell on it. -Elizabeth (team member)

        1. yes I stopped taking macrogel. I feel less pain already.

          This weekend I was on a party and someone had stomach pain as well. I could see how it affected her socially and here hearing all of your stories. I feel understood, less alone and also... I know now that I'm not being dramatic when I have to leave... Because she did and sadly u all had to too one point.

          It has such a huge impact on live... I was already social anxious and felt ready to ho out and challenge my fears. Now I feel pushed back. It feels unfair.

          I sometimes wonder why this is something that is not talked about as something that affects out lives. People without this struggle probably assume we just need to stay strong. But it's sometimes just impossible to keep working or being fun when we are in a lot of pain.

          I also worry about my future. I hope I will be able to keep working for myself. I don't want to fail because of something I can not fully control?

          I'm sorry for a long text... I guess I'm trying to figure out how to handle this and what's happening to me.

          Thank you for listening. It means a lot!

        2. Don't be sorry, that's what this community is for. You can vent here. We get it. We understand the complexities of this diagnosis and we all have bad days.

          Worrying about your future is normal. I did the same. It's hard to see a positive future when you are in so much pain and struggling. The key is you have to focus 100% on your health so that your future will be bright. This has to be taken seriously. If you are in pain, you may have some type of bacterial overgrowth. At least that's how is was in my journey. Cut out sugar and even wheat from your diet. See if that helps. Just a thought.

          -Elizabeth (team member)

      2. I'm sorry to hear this, I get this pain too, I've also got ibs c and it's like all you can do is curl up in bed until you can go to the bathroom

        1. Do you get this pain often? I hope today is a better day for you with less pain. Sending big hugs your way, Elizabeth (team member)

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