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Possible IBS

Hi I wonder if somebody could help me? I’m at the end of my tether. I have severe anxiety and depression and these symptoms are just making things worse. I started with a pain on my right side of abdomen and stomach gurgling about a year and a half ago. I went for a colonoscopy and endoscopy as I have to have them every two years due to family history of bowel cancer. Everything was all clear, then I never pursued it due to Covid hitting. My bowel movements are always soft and a lot of my food is undigested. I had my gallbladder removed 13 years ago. I started on a gluten free diet and tried the fodmap which I still try and do. Other than light colored stools and soft consistency I have been ok. About two months ago I had cramping on my left side and felt like I need to go to the loo for a bowel movement, when I urinated my urine was full of blood. This happened again about three weeks later, with the same feeling with cramps. I have since been diagnosed with a 6mm kidney stone and I see a urologist this Friday. I am having cramping and bloating on my left side now on and off all day. When I walk or am stressed which is all the time I get these cramps. Has anybody else had this happen with a kidney stone? I wonder if they are connected or not. Also if it is my bowel which it feels like, is there anything you recommend to help the pain. I’ve been trying Colofac which gives me diarrhea. I have extreme medical anxiety as I had breast cancer in 2012, and I just imagine all these symptoms to be liver cancer or pancreatic cancer. This recent bowel issue seemed to be triggered by having to have a renal ultrasound as I get so worked up. The doctor also tested my bloods for ovarian cancer last week which thankfully came back clear! But yet again I went hysterical due to the stress these tests cause me. I started hypnotherapy yesterday to try and help me. Would love to hear from anyone, thanks,

  1. Thank you for sharing your story and reaching out. Glad that you are seeking help from your doctor's as well. It's unfortunately quite common for anxiety and IBS to go hand in hand. I can certainly understand your medical anxiety given everything you've been through. In addition to speaking with your doctor, this article on IBS and anxiety may be helpful: Also, this article on coping with cramps: I'd encourage you to keep a brief food/symptom journal and continue to communicate with your doctor's about you're feeling. Wishing you relief ahead. Kelly, Team Member

    1. Thanks Kelly!

      1. My IBS causes me anxiety episodes too. It's horrible. Hope you are managing okay at the moment? Yes, it is very scary. Just the physical sensations and shocks IBS gives us can set up anxiety

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