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Newbie to this group, old hat for IBS

I am 50 years old with IBS since I was 27 after emergency gall bladder surgery. IBS runs in my family but my version of especially cruel. I can be having a normal day and suddenly I feel it: my tummy rumbles and I know I’m down and out for hours. It isn’t just IBS with diarrhea but it is both! I get the D while I’m super constipated. I need to go bad but can’t because I’m blocked up. It is HELL. I’m in so much pain and bloated but it takes 2 hours to get past the constipation and then about 4 hours to get the diarrhea all out. My day is shot. Rinse and repeat.

I’ve given up most food I enjoy. No more dairy. Fiber is bad news for me. On major probiotics. The doctor gave me welchol but it is bad news too, makes my constipation worse! I’ve been in the hospital twice this year with tummy dehydrated because of the diarrhea and nausea that my blood pressure goes sky high because I can’t keep meds down and am at risk of a stroke. They thought I had c diff but it came out negative. My life, work, marriage are all being held hostage to this. I can’t travel unless I have a bathroom close by. Is there any hope at all?

  1. Yes, there is hope! Don't lose hope. I have been where you have been and it seems like there is no way out but there is. I'm wondering if you have ever considered seeing a Naturopathic Medical Doctor? Also have you tried working with a Registered Dietician? Those two things helped me tremendously and changed my quality of life for better.

    -Elizabeth (team member)

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