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Nausea as an IBS symptom?

I have recently been diagnosed with IBS and gastritis. I have have started a low FODMAP diet with good results. I had my gallbladdder removed two years ago and have been dealing with GI issues since then. For me one of my primary issues has been nausea, especially in the morning. I’m wondering if other IBS sufferers deal with nausea as I don’t see it as one of the main symptoms. Thank you.

  1. Hi, Besjordan - thanks for taking the time to submit your question! You are definitely not the only one that experiences nausea. And your'e also not the only one to experience GI issues after gallbladder removal. While we wait for others to chime in, I thought I'd share a couple of articles with you on these subjects:

    I hope this helps! Thanks again for sharing with us. - Chris, Team Member

    1. Gallbladder article was informative.

  2. I often experience nausea during an IBS attack. The pain is so severe that I will sweat, get the chills, and get such thick saliva it causes me to gag. An gastroenterologist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester told me that's a vagus nerve response and common for IBS sufferers.

    1. I don't really know how long I have had IBS. I was diagnosed around 4 years ago, but I have experienced symptoms now and then since I was a teenager. When they became more frequent and debilitating, I finally spoke to a doctor about them. It's possible I have had it for 30+ years.

    2. I was looking for someone to mention vegus nerve attack, which is seldom mentioned with IBS. I had an attack a month ago when I ate whole wheat cereal. An hour later I had cramps, cold sweat, and fainted due to blood pressure dropping so low, also vomited. My gastroenterologist never mentioned it. I found out about it myself through research. Have had about five vegus nerve attacks in 15 years.
      Of course, I stopped eating wheat and I take Heather's Tummy Care for constipation, which is very helpful. Also watch my fats since I have no gallbladder.
      Being aware of how to treat these symptoms has prevented IBS problems.

  3. I get nausea quite frequently along with the chills . I’ve was prescribed zofran which works well for me . I’m a nurse and it’s one of the most common meds that we use in the hospital for nausea

    1. Yes I use Zofran too it really works well for me

  4. Hi yes I do experience nausea when having an attack,
    I suffer from Diarrrhoea and constipation IBS.I also have sweats and going hot and cold.
    At times I think I have had enough of this because I have suffered for over 30yrs.
    I have tried everything from gluten free diets to low fodmap diets but my body gets used to the all.I took Alforex for about 18mnths and it worked I could eat anything.But as usual my body got used to it so I have stopped for a little while.May go back on it sometime.
    I very rarely eat out now as I don’t know what I am eating.
    That’s a very small part of my story.

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