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Mystery Symptoms - Anyone Else?

Hi everyone, I could really use your help. I experience burning in the stomach along with reflux, and usually mild sweating too, nearly every night between 3:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. It wakes me up to the point that I am unable to go back to sleep and has been going on for over 4 years. Needles to say the constant exhaustion affects every single aspect of my life.
I'm on my 3rd gastro doc and none of them have been able to identify the cause, and much less a solution, to the problem. I've had an endoscopy, HIDA scan, and CT scan and none of them found anything helpful. I've tried various elimination diets to no avail. The low FODMAP diet helped with other symptoms like terrible-smelling gas, bloating, foul-smelling loose / watery stools, and post-meal reflux. The early-morning stomach burning and reflux remain though. This is on a completely empty stomach, as I typically eat dinner around 7:00 p.m. I've taken every OTC and prescription medicine available and none have helped.
Has anyone else out there experienced these symptoms, and if so, were you able to find the cause?
I appreciate your time and consideration.

  1. To add, I have kept a food diary for over three years now, but it hasn't helped identify the cause of the overnight stomach burning and reflux, which again, happens on a completely empty stomach 6-7 hours after I last ate. Since the issue doesn't happen soon after a meal it's impossible to know which meal had an ingredient(s) that could be the offender. I'm shooting in the dark, which is why neither I, my three gastro docs, nor my dietician have been able to pinpoint the offender.

    1. @morris.shane,

      I'm so sorry to hear you are going through this. There is nothing more frustrating than having symptoms but no answers as to why. I am not a doctor and therefore can't help diagnose you for your safety. However, I'll just speak from my personal journey.

      Have you ever been tested for SIBO? I would ask your doctor about that. I had similar symptoms and it turned out SIBO was a big culprit. I saw a Naturopathic Medical Doctor who tested me for it. He then gave me supplements to kill the bad bacteria and I felt so much better. Maybe something to consider?

      Best, Elizabeth (team member)

      1. Throwing out some ideas because I have been through similar recently. Could they be unrelated?? Have you been checked for H. Pylori?
        Are you gluten and lactose free on addition to lowfodmap? Could you be experiencing dumping syndrome like that of gastric bypass?
        I have reoccurring volvulus with sluggish colon. I do best on lowfodmap/gluten free/ lactose free, but not low residue.
        It's been 2 years of hellacious experimentation with what puts me in the hospital.
        I do not have history of acid reflux, so when I do have it that tells me that something is wrong.
        I was experiencing your symptoms and frequent abdominal pain and finally was tested for H. Pylori just for the heck of it. 1 year after an intestinal surgery, I was positive for H.Pylori.. underwent antibiotic treatment and tested negative twice. Started having similar symptoms again, in addition to severe migraines and covid symptoms, only to discover that we had active growing mold producing spores in our home.
        The sweats, shskes. acid reflux, nausea, cramping have completely disappeared since getting out of that environment.
        Looking outside your diagnosis is helpful in getting unexplained answers.

        Wishing you the best.

        1. Thank you for the tips Martin. Yes, I was tested for H. pylori during my most recent endoscopy.
          I have not considered dumping syndrome - I will bring this up with my gastro doc.
          I am lactose intolerant and have avoided it since my early 20s.
          I am avoiding gluten too since being on the FODMAP diet.
          I traveled a lot for work when my symptoms first began, and did so for over a year - different towns in different states, many hotels - so I would not think environmental factors would be the cause.

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