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Does your IBS doctor discuss mental health with you?

Many with IBS experience mental health challenges (such as anxiety, stress, and depression) in addition to the physical pain that comes along with the disease, and it's important for healthcare providers to address both of these aspects of IBS.

Share your experiences and insights:

Have your healthcare providers discussed mental health concerns with you during your IBS appointments?
- If so, what strategies or resources have they recommended for managing mental health alongside IBS symptoms?
- If not, how do you feel about the lack of discussion around mental health in your IBS care?

Let's start the conversation and support each other!

  1. My doctor really isn't into a lot of discussion and I have to get him talking about this - he's probably not the best choice for someone looking for a lot of answers but I feel comfortable with him which is half the battle so I bring things up and get his comments. I get the mental health connection and have an appointment in mid June and may see what he has to say. Years and years ago a GP told me that when your nervous system is developing as a fetus so is you bowels and that the two are very reactive to each other. It made sense but really didn't solve any problems knowing it except to try and keep myself from getting even more upset in an effort to keep from having the IBS get a lot worse. I often remind myself that so far I have always made it to a bathroom or home and that hopefully that will continue.......

    1. Feeling comfortable with your doctor is so important, I understand why you stick with him. I hope your appointment in June will be helpful, please keep us updated about that!
      Karina (team member)

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