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Is this IBS or something else?

Hello, i am new here and i am learning about IBS. My father is 54 years old and almost 7 years he is suffering from abdominal pain.we visit different doctors to know about the cause of pain but they did not come to any we done CT scan of abdomen with contrast but find nothing except cholelithiasil.
Sympyoms that my father suffer include.
Serve Abdominal pain after bowel movement mostly look like intenstine pain
Cramp in intestine after bowel movement
Too much Belching (mostly after bowel movement)
There is less abdomen pain after bowel movement if he eat pumpkin,Indian squash and turnip.he can digest every type of food except fried food with no stomach pain but after bowel movement he suffer serve pain in abdomen that last for 1 to 3 hours.
I find this forum to discuss is any body knows that it is IBS or something else.

  1. My mother has same symptoms severe abdominal pain after bowel movements she suffers daily for hours been to 3 gastro drs and still no relief after taking a variety of different meds no relief

    1. Did they diagnose her with IBS?

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