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What has been your experience with IBS and work?

IBS and working for me has been extremely challenging. One of the biggest obstacles I face is the embarrassment and anxiety I experience about having to use the toilet frequently at work. It has gotten to the point now that the anxiety I get from worrying before I go to work triggers attacks. I wish more people understood what a burden IBS is and how much harder it makes normal life. 🙁

  1. It can be so tough to share those "TMI" situations to coworkers. It's a huge stressor for many folks with IBS. We have a few new articles on working and IBS.
    I hope you can find some support here and know that you are not alone! - Samantha, Team Member

    1. I have had to be blatenly honest with my boss and co-workers. They know so much embarrassing information, not sure how I go to work and look them all in the face. But I find it easier than being vague, just rip it like a bandaid.. I even try to make light of it, eventhough it's aweful and not funny at all. I know they want to be there and understand at the same time they have an employee who misses so much work and they can't do anything. I am a good hard workers so I bust my butt when I am there- maybe it helps ease it a little... I dunno

      1. I hear you. I was the same. It is such a hard balance to manage work and this diagnosis. I commend you for being open, as sometimes I feel it's better than being vague too. I was open at my old job and thankfully they were very compassionate and helpful towards me. But like you say, at the end of the day, I was an employee that was missing a ton of work. It's hard, just know you aren't alone. -Elizabeth (team member)

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