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IBS or something else???

Hi guys,

First time posting. About 8 weeks ago I got influenza A with some back pain when I coughed. The Dr sent me for a CT scan on my chest and I did the usual Dr google thing which said lung cancer. I got really stressed and the results came back 5 days later all good but then I started having stomach issues. Pain under my ribs, feeling full after eating and changes in bowel movements. Since these symptoms came I got really really worried. I googled everything again and as usual it was all bad which sent my stress levels through the roof. I’ve always been extremely fit and even my blood pressure went through the roof. Anyway I’ve had a endoscopy, ultra sound, CT scan on my stomach and 2 x bloods taken. Everything has come back fine apart from some gastritis that was found during the endoscopy.

I had about two weeks where I felt fine but then Monday (6 days ago) the bloating and pain under my ribs (kind of bottom of sternum) has come back. Undigested food in my stool, stool is mostly solid but very wet if that makes sense and heaps of gas. I can put up with the bowel movements for the moment but what is worrying me is the bloating/discomfort under the sternum.

Most of the Dr’s and the one naturopath I have seen have pretty much said IBS because all my results have come back fine.

Does my sternum bloating sound like IBS? Has anyone else had similar symptoms?


  1. I'm so sorry for the late reply, how are you doing? Are you feeling any better?
    After reading your post, I'm wondering if your digestive issues might be a result of the stress you went through with being sick and thinking you might have cancer?
    Have you tried going on the Low FODMAP diet to see if that helps, or keeping a food diary?
    Whenever I get bloating like this, it's usually related to a food trigger or when I'm sitting for too long.
    Wishing you all the best, Karina (team member)

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