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Has anyone ever had pebble like poop with mucus in it? Sorry if TMI.
I also get a lot of lower abdomen pain and sometimes cramps that are excruciating.
I have dealt with constipation for most of my adult life.

  1. Yes, it happened today in fact.

    1. Yes I have. Have you tried dulcosoft liquid? Softens stools

      1. Yes, I have it a lot when I do not have diarrhea. The stool softeners give me gas and discomfort as they are too harsh. It is either constipation or diarrhea for me.
        I’m 79 yrs. old and have had IBS my entire life. Sometimes if I’m lucky, the IBS goes into a sort of remission. But always returns. I am grateful for support groups with contributors like you.

        1. Hi all .... Thank you for your replies. No I haven't tried dulcosoft liquid, is it good? I was last prescribed LAXIDO orange sachets but I feel they made my stomach cramps worse. I suffer with a lot of gas too.

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