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Help for severe IBS-C

I haven’t been able to go normally for months. I'm unable to poo for 6 or 7 days, at which time I'm only wanting for it to come out! I look like I'm 6 or 7 month's pregnant. I drink prune juice every day. Then I finally take 3 Bisacodyl with more prune juice and then have 24 hours of liquid diarrhea. When I'm constipated, I sometimes have puss come out. Today I took a sample, as requested to send to the lab. I just had a colonoscopy in February and everything was normal. Luckily I get to see my doctor in June and hopefully will find out about what's causing the puss. I just feel miserable from it.

  1. I'm so sorry you're dealing with such severe constipation. Hopefully, your doctor's appointment in June will provide some answers as to what's going on.
    We have this article about foods that can help with constipation: Prunes are also in there, but I'm wondering if the others might be worth a try?
    One of our advocates also found Mukhwas to be helpful:, and magnesium can also act as a laxative: Finally, I wanted to share this article about Diet, Prebiotics, and Probiotics for IBS-C: I hope this gives you new ideas to try while you wait for your appointment...

    If you're interested, we also have this forum: specifically for IBS-C. Wishing you all the best, Karina (team member)

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